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Drewery has been aiding in disaster cleanup since Hurricane Carla in 1961. Our many years of experience in disaster recovery have given us a wealth of expertise in debris handling, a knowledge of the equipment best suited to each task, and the ability to cope with and manage the chaos a disaster causes.  Our managers have literally “grown up” in this business, and they’ve handled most of the curve balls a capricious Mother Nature can throw. Our crews have worked many a storm too, and they know how to deploy and get the job done fast. We have a large fleet of equipment expressly designed to handle debris streams of many kinds.  We bring our own fleet mechanics, plus a mobile service center with parts and tools, to keep everything running smoothly.



Local & County Governments

Private Citizens


Large Scale Debris Removal

Demolition Work

Tree Trimming/Removal

Hazardous Waste Handling

Marine Salvage Operations

Sand Removal from Roads

I would like to express the sincere gratitude of our community in Morgan City, LA, to your company in regards to the most recent hurricane Gustav that hit our area. Your hard working company came through for our City for the second time in debris removal. William A. Cefalu

Utility Director, Morgan City, LA

In an emergency, management capability is as important as equipment and boots on the ground. We have the people and the experience to handle large workforces and coordinate the efforts of multiple companies. We also have a fully-equipped mobile command center with networked computers, printers, satellite internet, satellite television, kitchen and conference room facilities, and a generator. Our VPN gives us secure access to email, files, and software systems back in our home office.

Drewery is ready to help you & your community, whenever or wherever disaster strikes.