Cassels-Boykin County Park – Improvements

Location: Angelina County, TX

Contract Value: $1.23 Million

Completion Date: 2009


Cassels-Boykin Park is located in the mid-lake area of Sam Rayburn and is known as one the best places in Texas for Largemouth Bass fishing. Drewery Construction Co., Inc. was contracted to construct additional boat ramps, parking area, and ADA accessible sidewalks with hand rails. Learn more about the park at

Note: All measurements are approximate.

Work Scope Elements
ItemEst. QuantityUnits
Clearing and Grubbing4.7Ac
Dirtwork for parking and ramps (including embankment)11,000SY
8-inch Lime Stabilization17,255SY
Concrete Curb & Gutter560LF
8-inch Limestone Base7,600SY
10-inch Limestone Base8,755SY
2-inch Type D Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement7,600SY
2.5-inch Type D Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement8,630SY
45-foot wide Ramp Panels (wet construction)119LF
30-foot wide Boat Ramp Panels (wet construction)77LF
Washed rock base for Boat Ramp with 6-inch avg. thickness (wet construction)157CY
Concrete Boat Ramp including curbing (dry construction)485SY
Concrete sidewalk with ADA ramp structure and stairs, including handrails146SY
6-inch standard steel posts for pier anchorage108LF
3-inch SCH-80 conduit, including watertight pull/junction boxes and pull string828LF
Metal Beam Guard Fence, including bollards346LF
Bollard and Cable Fence534LF
Concrete Retaining Wall235LF
Rip Rap570SY
Erosion Control Mat3,550SY