Drewery Bros. Tree Service

Tree removal was once synonymous with the Drewery name, before we diversified to become one of the leaders in the businesses of construction and disaster relief as well. Still, that doesn’t mean that we’re any less talented at tree removal than we were when our father, company founder and logger Howard Drewery, started the Drewery tree removal service in 1949. For over half a century, Drewery has been providing the people, communities, and companies of the Southeastern United States and East Texas with high quality tree removal service that puts the customer’s needs first.
Find out how over half a century of providing hassle-free tree removal services has led to hundreds of satisfied customers.
Crane Services
Land Clearing
Stump Grinding
Cavity Work
Debris Removal
Limb Cabling
Tree Work
Pruning & Trimming

We have utilized their tree services to remove large trees that are too dangerous for our crews to handle. The trees that they have removed were next to buildings or leaning over high voltage lines. The trees were always removed with the utmost of care and in a safe manner! Drewery Bros. Tree Service is a professional company that insures that all its work is completed in a safe and timely manner with the customer’s satisfaction being the final word!

Victor Shepherd

Transportation Manager - Physical Plant, SFASU